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Far East Taste Pan-Asian Restaurant



 Vegetable Lo Mein $7.75
 Pork Lo Mein $7.75
 Chicken Lo Mein $7.75
 Beef Lo Mein $8.25
 Shrimp Lo Mein $8.95
 House Special Lo Mein $9.45
 Chow Kueh Teow with Chicken $10.45
  Singapore Rice NoodlesSpicy $9.95
 Thai Rice Noodle with Chicken in Basil Sauce $10.45
 Thai Rice Noodles w. Chicken in Mei Lan Sauce $10.45
 Mei Fun with Chicken
(Thai Rice Noodles)
 Pan-Fried Noodles, Peking Style (Chicken) $10.45
 Chow Fun with Chicken
(Flat Broad Noodles)