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Far East Taste Pan-Asian Restaurant



with Steamed Rice

 Shrimp with Broccoli (S)$7.45 (L)$13.95
 Shrimp with Ginger and Scallion (S)$7.45 (L)$13.95
 Shrimp with Lobster Sauce (S)$7.45 (L)$13.95
  Shrimp with Hot Garlic Saucespicy (S)$7.45 (L)$13.95
 Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables (S)$7.45 (L)$13.95
  Malaysian Style Shrimpspicy (S)$7.95 (L)$14.95
  Spicy Thai Shrimpspicy (S)$7.95 (L)$14.95
  Sambal Shrimpspicy (S)$7.95 (L)$14.95
  Bangkok ShrimpSpicy $14.95
  Seafood Combo with Mixed Vegetable (Fish and Shrimp)Spicy $15.95
  Hunan Shrimp with VegetablesSpicy $13.95
  Basil FishSpicy $14.95
  Fish with Garlic SauceSpicy $14.95